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In the centuries since Jesus’ ascension, brave men and women have fulfilled the Great Commission—some famous, some nameless, some martyred. We all want to be like these brave people, but oftentimes we’re nervous, feel unprepared, or are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Learn how to tackle these trepidations with practical advice and encouraging stories from church history.


Before Jesus ascended, He commanded the disciples and every believer who would follow to Go & Tell others the Good News. He handed the Gospel Baton to his disciples, and it’s been handed down ever since, century by century, to this very day. It’s a simple message with a simple command. So, why do we struggle with excuses for not sharing? ? I can’t do that, I’m not a pastor! ? I don’t want to offend anyone. … It makes me uncomfortable. ? I don’t know what to say. ? What if they laugh at me? ? What if I get it wrong? And the list goes on and on and on. In GO & TELL, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT TO RUN, you’ll read inspiring stories of believers throughout the centuries who ran the race set before them, made massive strides for the advancement of the gospel, and handed the Gospel Baton to the next generation even stronger than when they received it. Each chapter presents stories from history, practical applications for overcoming our excuses, real-life examples of how to Go & Tell in our own cosmoses, and encouragement to reach as many people as we can before Jesus returns.  The Gospel Baton has faithfully passed down through the centuries. Now it is in your hands. This is your moment to run!



11 reviews for Go & Tell

  1. Alexander

    Amazing Book

  2. Alexander

    I love this book.

  3. Emily

    For anyone looking to better your evangelism skills, this is the book!

  4. Chris

    Seriously, this is an incredible book that not only challenges believers to share the Gospel but also equips and encourages you to do it. I’ve read the book through several times. It’s that good. Most books are fluff. This one is packed with theology, personal stories, humor and tears. It’s an easy read but not one you want to race through.

    The workbook that goes along with it is a great tool that can be used with the book serving as a great resource for churches to use as a small group curriculum. I HIGHLY recommend this book to any serious believers who want to make an impact for the Kingdom!

    Oh, and an additional bonus…the book looks and feels awesome! Super well made. You won’t regret buying it.

  5. Lisa V

    The time is NOW for the Holy Spirit to work through us to heal and save a broken world through the brave Gospel of Jesus Christ. Shawn’s honest, heartfelt and historical insights bring a depth of courage and encouragement that I have rarely encountered. I will definitely be purchasing more copies to give as gifts and encouragement to friends and family.

  6. Mark W

    I absolutely recommend both GO & TELL and the companion workbook with its thought-provoking insight and heart-challenging questions. It’s clear through this book that Shawn is the real deal: a sincere, down-to-earth evangelist.

  7. KP

    To start with, I have been in vocational ministry (Pastoral and Evangelism) for over 15 years and have a Master’s in Theology. I am just saying that to make it clear that I have spent a lot of time reading books on evangelism, the Bible, theology, etc. etc. etc. I didn’t want to put it down! It is a beautiful marriage of history, Scripture, and story! It can be easily understood by the new believer, and respected by the Doctoral Theologian. I think this crosses denominational barriers, and would hit home to anyone who considers themself a follower of Jesus. Read it, and let it fan the flame in you for the Gospel. If you lead a small group, and want to inspire, educate, and clarify complex theological subjects on a conversational level, this book combined with the workbook is a no-brainer. If you are looking for a book that hits from all angles and ignites something inside of you to live an all-in, evangelistic life for God, this is it.

    Shawn, thank you for writing this! It’s a total game changer.

  8. Micah

    I love how this book chronicles the passing of the gospel through time. The historical figures are so inspiring—how fervently they lived out their faith, carrying the gospel into their own sphere of influence, and how they impacted not just their own generation, but the generations following them. Reading this book filled me with bravery, tenacity, and gratitude for the gospel. This book not only needs to be absorbed, but also applied. I highly recommend coupling it with the companion workbook!

  9. Samuel H.

    Shawn has brought back to the front and center the reason and purpose of life in Christ…to demonstrate Him through everyday living in such a way that others have the opportunity to know Jesus as we do. His real life stories and examples are a tremendously encouraging nudge to live more like Christ. The workbook is an effective path to help get started. All I can say is, “Thanks”. Sam

  10. Morgan

    All who follow Jesus would be strengthened, for their ultimate purpose, by reading this book! Shawn and Tanja Brann walk the talk and live the Gospel! They have something to impart if you dare to read. We believe you will be spurred on in the love of Jesus and the good deeds He has prepared in advance for YOU to do.

  11. David C.

    The author weaves together exciting historical accounts of men and women who courageously shared their Christian faith throughout history, alongside of exhortation and coaching to us as we face the challenge to be faithful witnesses in our world today. Life-changing stuff!

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