Authors Matter.

Unlike traditional publishing houses, ZHP keeps authors in the driver’s seat. And unlike the arduous process of self-publishing, ZHP authors benefit from world-class editorial and design services—and best of all—ZHP authors get access to our worldwide distribution network, so your book can be available at “book retailers everywhere.” 


With the ZHP hybrid, author-driven publishing model, our authors:

  • Retain all rights and creative control
  • Keep majority of royalties 
  • Are eligible for best-sellers lists

Are you a new author?

Are you an established author? ​

Wondering how
a hybrid publishing model
stacks up against self-publishing
or a traditional publishing house?
Take a look.

We welcome submissions from both new and previously published authors.
If you are ready to publish, please read our submission guidelines.

Featured Title​

Go & Tell

In the centuries since Jesus’ ascension, brave men and women have fulfilled the Great Commission—some famous, some nameless, some martyred. We all want to be like these brave people, but oftentimes we’re nervous, feel unprepared, or are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Learn how to tackle these trepidations with practical advice and encouraging stories from church history.

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