Why we do what we do.

Are you passionate about your subject matter? Are you carrying a burden for a message you feel called to share with the world? 


Yeah, we are too. That’s why we founded Zurich House Publishing.


We wanted to get our books into the hands of as many people as possible, so we sought out traditional publishing houses to help us. But the lead times were insanely long, the publishers would take creative control (along with more than 80% of the royalties), and own the rights to the book. Not to mention we had no input on the book’s design or style.


Then we sought to self-publish. That wasn’t ideal either. We had no way to get our books into major retailers like Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Target, or Amazon. And without the backing of a publisher, our books wouldn’t be eligible for best-sellers lists. 


So, we blazed our own trail and launched Zurich House Publishing in 2021. We built editorial, design, and distribution teams in order to serve authors who felt like we did—authors who want:


  • Creative control
  • Easy printing and distribution
  • To retain rights to their work
  • Editorial and design support

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