Children’s Book Bundle


This inspiring book bundle combines two powerful children’s books, each delivering crucial messages for young readers. Designed to nurture a strong sense of self-worth and equip children with knowledge and tools for self-protection, these books are valuable resources for families, educators, and caregivers.

1. “The Mirror: Reflections of God’s Love”
“The Mirror” is a heartwarming story that addresses the issue of racism and promotes a Christian worldview of unity and love. It teaches that God created people in His image, reflecting a beautiful diversity in our world. This book highlights that every person, regardless of their color, size, or shape, is unique, special, and equally loved by God. It encourages children to appreciate and love themselves and others just as they are. Perfect for family storytime or devotion, it fosters understanding, respect, and love among children, helping them to see everyone as a beautiful reflection of God’s creation.

2. “You Are Valuable: A Guide to Honor and Respect”
Set against the backdrop of a world grappling with issues like human trafficking and sexual exploitation, “You Are Valuable” offers a message of hope and empowerment. It aims to instill in young minds a strong sense of their worth and dignity. This book is an essential guide, providing practical advice and strategies to help children protect themselves and understand how to seek help if needed.

“My hope with this book is to give these little minds and hearts a firm foundation of their worth. I also want to equip them with tools to protect themselves to the best of their ability and the knowledge of how to respond if they have been sexually exploited.” Tanja Brann, Author

Together, these books form a crucial addition to any child’s library. They not only celebrate the individuality of each child but also provide them with the tools and understanding needed to navigate through life’s challenges with confidence and grace.


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